ARISE Schools: “Ali Agjah” Primary School, Albania
Date: Jan. 5, 2024

The following couple of articles will showcase examples of ways in which this approach was implemented in several schools. We would like to thank them all for sharing their journeys with us.

One of the outcomes of the ARISE initiative was constructing a resource manual to help schools create a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for children. The manual emphasizes cooperation between school staff, students and parents in discovering shared values and developing a vision for the school tailored to its specific needs.

The first video in the “ARISE Schools” series shows how an Albanian primary school implemented the ARISE School Development Program Resource Manual. With help from our partners Children are the Future, the “Ali Agjah” 9-grade primary school managed to draft and implement a new school policy and strengthen cooperation between parents and the school.

The school director, Tatjana Mani, explains the challenges the school faced in designing and implementing an Anti-bullying policy; and organizing “Parents Day”, a day of activities and performances commemorating the role of parents in education.

Take a look at how they did it:

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The School Development Program Resource manual is available for download in 5 languages  HERE!