ARISE Comparative report for implementing project countries is now availible!
Date: July 13, 2021

Comparative report by researchers from ARISE partner organizations, Centre for Education Policy and Education Reform Initative, for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Turkey is now avaliable.

Prior to this report, countries’ information and data from different sources were collected in order to have a clear overview of the situation in each country regarding inequalities in education and existing mechanisms for their reduction, including mapping the existing gaps and room for improvements. More precisely, data was collected using questionnaires on general equity context, poverty, education equity, data from international surveys, descriptions of health, and social welfare systems, etc. and expanded with interviews and focus groups with relevant stakeholders’ groups. Findings collected during this phase were integrated into the national reports along with data collected through questionnaires.

Lead researchers from partner organizations Centre for Education Policy and Education Reform Initiative relied on national reports as well as on questionnaires in the process of compiling information for this report. Data-driven policy recommendations in this report aim to support social recognition of the importance of equity in education among educational stakeholders and policymakers. Reaching consensus about sources and causes of inequalities in education should lead towards further policy improvement.

Moreover, except for the presentation of data and information from a comparative perspective, this report includes identified good practices and promising solutions for mitigating adverse effects of poverty.

You can download the full publication in the Publications: Comparative report section of the project website.