Training for school mentors successfully implemented!
Date: Nov. 12, 2021

A successful Inception Training for School Mentors was organized with 14 participants during 3-7 November, 2021 in Istanbul, in the framework of the “Action for Reducing Inequalities in Education” project (ARISE).


The training was organized through a joint cooperation of the two lead partner organizations of Working Package 4 (WP4): Children Are the Future (CAF) - Albania and Kosovo Education Center (KEC) – Kosovo and the training course was professionally conducted by two experts of Step by Step Bosnia and Herzegovina: Nedim Krajišnik and Adnan Pripoljac based on a comprehensive training package. The training was highly focused on a comprehensive school development and improvement process tackling issues of poverty and inequality in education. More specifically, it aimed at strengthening mentors’ skills and capacity to provide their continuous mentoring and support to the selected schools in each country in the process of developing and implementing School Development Programs and Action Plans toward a more inclusive and equitable education for all children.

In addition to a very good combination of theoretical and practical aspects, the whole training was developed through a participatory approach including various interactive techniques that ensured an active and meaningful involvement of all the participants and supported learning, reflection and exchange.  

This training will highly contribute to the successful implementation of direct interventions in schools aiming at building a more inclusive school climate and culture and equal opportunities for an active participation, development and progress of all children with a special emphasis on children from low SES backgrounds.

We would like to thank all the partners, trainers and participants for their valuable contribution and wish all the mentors success in their significant role within the project.