NEPC 7th Primary Colors of Education: "ARISE: for well-being" conference
Date: Dec. 28, 2023

The 7th NEPC Primary Colors of Education: “ARISE for well-being” conference was held from November 28th to November 30th in Tirana, Albania.

Researchers, educators, practitioners and policymakers gathered to share their expertise and knowledge on the topic of well-being in education through panel discussions, workshops and presentations. Expert keynote speakers delivered lectures on different aspects of well-being in education - its beneficial use in educational approach, the well-being and education of marginalized communities and well-being in education in the aftermath of disruption. Their different educational backgrounds provided valuable insight into the ways in which we can support the well-being of children in education. You can find out more about them in the articles on our webpage.


One of the ways in which people could have contributed to the conference was by delivering a presentation. Our participants prepared interesting and insightful presentations covering a wide range of topics. We learned about teacher well-being and the ways in which it can be evaluated in schools, socio-emotional learning and its relationship to culture, bullying and how to prevent it, out-of-school activities, technology and the nature of its impact on education and many more.


It was very important to us to make sure everyone had an opportunity to participate, so we encouraged people to contribute to the conference by preparing interactive workshops. Our partners from the HAND IN HAND: Empowering Teachers project presented exercises featured in the HAND:ET program focused on teacher well-being. We learned about different types of school environment and looked at special cases such as children-made rooms and sensory resource rooms made with learners with special needs in mind.


We explored key topics in panel sessions ranging from theoretical background to good practice and policy recommendations. We discussed aspects of school environment and ways in which it can become conducive to successful transitions. We examined the concept of well-being in the context of entire communities, and the interaction of micro and macro levels. We tackled ways in which student engagement could be supported and what can be done to further motivate active participation. Finally, we reviewed education policy that would include vulnerable groups of learners and discussed the challenges of its development and implementation.

Take a look at some of the impressions kindly shared by our participants.

“Elaborate presentations and presenters! Amazed by their professionalism!”

“All the activities that I attended were very useful, through which I upgraded my professional competencies.”

“Good, collaborative, supportive atmosphere, very relevant topic.“

If you would like to see how it went, take a look at the gallery!

Recorded sessions by Manos Antoninis and Ferre Laevers from the conference are available on the official NEPC YouTube channel!

We were truly honored to be able to host this event and provide everyone with the opportunity to share, learn and connect. Thank you all and we hope to see you next year!