ARISE SCHOOLS: “Ibrahim Mazreku” Primary School, Kosovo
Date: Jan. 19, 2024

Continuing our “ARISE Schools” video series is the “Ibrahim Mazreku” Primary School in Malishevë, Kosovo. With help from the ARISE project and other local organizations, school staff and students managed to restore and renovate several classrooms and refresh the look of the school backyard.

Their action resulted in the formation of a Media and Education Club, an afterschool activity for students where they can engage in creative work. The initiative included equipping a newly restored classroom with technology that was not available to all the children, such as laptops and video and audio recording equipment.

Watch as students of the Ibrahim Mazreku Primary School take us through the classrooms they restored in their school and tell us why they think it’s important to have a clean and safe school environment in a video they made themselves titled: “Our School, Our Second Home”.

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